Timati aka Timur Yunusov, born August 15, 1983 in Moscow.Pope Ildar Yunusov - a big businessman, mother of Simon Yakovlevna.Nationality actor has Tatar and Jewish roots.Parents have the singer's vast fortune, but they did not spoil her son.Father and son childhood instilled the idea that everyone should achieve all alone, without the help of parents.The family has another son Artem, under Timur three and a half years.Singer childhood differed autonomy, and showed musical ability.

Music - blood

gifted boy attended classes at the music school, because my mother and grandfather also musicians.Mom plays the guitar, my grandfather - choir singers.About four years Timur learned to play the violin, but then these classes
have ceased to please him.As a child, he sang very beautiful and different perfect hearing, but his voice broke and after a trip to Jamaica, the singer began to get involved in the hip-hop culture. Upon returning from Jamaica, the singer with friends organized their own project called VIP77, however, more amateur rehearsals did not get, and the project fell apart.

Timothy general public has become known thanks to the project "Star Factory".Composers spotted an unusual talent and overflowing energy in this impudent and independent guy and let him open.

Man star

Timothy was one of the members of the "Gang", which was to show the public life and hobbies golden youth - clubs, parties, yachts.Then Timur became interested in tattoos, his body completely covered with them.Then the "gang" split up, and the singer has organized his production company «Black Star Inc.» and began to try themselves in new areas. In 13 years, Timur went to Los Angeles to study, but nothing worthwhile came of it.

Timothy engaged in the modeling business - worked as a model and tried his hand as a fashion designer, was a club promoter and produced by the young hip-hop artists, showed acting skills.

In 2006 released his first album called «Black Star».And also published a collection of clothes «Black Star by TIMATI» for the young hip-hop and R & amp; B.Timati is involved in the design of phones.In the same year he appeared in public as an actor in the film version of a novel "Heat" and voiced characters in parallel in different cartoons.

Later Timothy produces a multitude of videos, takes part in the organization of various reality shows, became the official face of the brand Sprandi, writes songs with foreign singers Cam'ron, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg.

young man from the beginning of his work has won a bunch of awards, which shows how much he works, to be the first.It is characterized by a unique style, uniqueness, energy and inherent brutality - is, in the aggregate, it attracts attention.His multiple personality talks about its uniqueness, natural abilities and talents around.