Interests Steve Jobs

creative way of a talented leader of Apple Walter Isaacson described in the biographical book "Steve Jobs."Over two years, Jobs gave detailed interviews about his life, career and beliefs.

Steven was born in February 1955 and was a foster child.His mother worked as a secretary, and adoptive father - a mechanic.As a child, Jobs was interested in mathematics and electronics, and in the 9th grade began attending Research Club Hewlett Packard.There he attended lectures and engineers engaged in their own projects.When Jobs was collecting a digital frequency counter and he did not have the necessary details, he called the director of HP and asked to send required.Ironically, his request fulfilled, and even offered a job at the factory.Since then, Jobs has become a penny each
summer and set aside savings.On the fifteenth anniversary of his father gave him an inexpensive car, which a year later Steve exchanged a red Fiat, having saved the missing amount.

In 18 years Jobs has been expelled from the college on their own, he did not like to attend all classes.But Steve was able to negotiate with the dean, who allowed to attend the lectures on calligraphy.
passion for calligraphy Jobs played a major role in the creation of the Macintosh.

Career and Salary

In 19 years, Jobs got a technician in the company Atari, which was engaged in the production of video games.
For work at Atari Steve Jobs began to receive $ 5 per hour.

In 20 years, Steve persuaded Steve Wozniak organize another company.Their starting capital was less than $ 1,500.At that time, Steve Jobs has already chosen his life's work and devoted the next 10 years working on the ambitious project.
to create Apple Woz sold his calculator and Steve - old car.

In 1975 Jobs co-founded a successful corporation for the production of computer technology Apple Inc.He took an active part in the management and development of innovation companies.In 1977, Apple was valued at $ 5,300, and in 3 years its value has reached 2 billion.In the 25 years the state of Jobs totaled $ 250 million.

For 30 years he created the well-known companion of the empire was the founder of Apple and the Macintosh.But because of disagreements with senior staff he was fired from his own company.

Jobs described these events as a difficult time, but there have been a number of difficulties and positive aspects of his life.He created the company NeXT, which later became part of Apple, and became the founder of the popular animation studio Pixar.

But the most important event for him was marrying Laurene Powell, a wedding which took place in 1991.Jobs have four children: the eldest daughter - from an informal marriage, a son and two daughters - from his marriage to Powell.

In 35 years, Stephen returned to Apple Inc as Executive Director and included a company named NeXT in its composition.At the same time for his work in the corporation Steve Jobs received $ 1 a year.Such a model pay later borrowed and other entrepreneurs.
In 2000, Steve Jobs was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the most humble of the world executive, salary is just $ 1 a year.

colleagues note that Jobs is so persuasive and insistent that can make believe anything.Steve willpower create your own reality, and forced her to participate in others.This quality of character in the company awarded the term "reality distortion field", which was taken from the series about aliens.Like them, Steve Jobs with the power of his thoughts changed reality.