flowering of creativity Sandro Botticelli to the period of his service at the court of Lorenzo de 'Medici - the uncrowned ruler of Florence.First beauty at the ducal court at the time was considered Simonetta Vespucci.Despite the fact that she was married to a cousin of the famous traveler Amerigo Vespucci - Marco rumor attributed to her affair with Giuliano de 'Medici - the younger brother of Lorenzo the Magnificent.However, it is possible that between them was just sublime, platonic feeling.

This beautiful Simonetta, who died suddenly at age 22, became the muse of the great Botticelli, and the prototype of the heroines of his paintings.There is a version that the artist was secretly and hopelessly in love with her, that's why

he bequeathed to bury themselves far from the grave beauty.Way Simonetta Vespucci 2 inspired the most famous paintings by Sandro Botticelli - "Spring" and "Birth of Venus".

allegorical painting "Spring" - perhaps the most complex of the artist's works.Its composition is made up of several groups related internal movement and forming a single stage.In the center of the wonderful spring garden shows herself Venus.Goddess looks pensive and a little sad.Above her head hovers the winged Cupid, aiming his bow from one of the Graces dancing.

Three Graces, circling in the dance - is Beauty, Chastity and Pleasure.They embody the sublime, spiritual Person of the goddess of love.They countered another group of characters that represent earthly love.This wind god Zephyr, the young nymph Chloris and its new incarnation - the goddess of spring and flowers Flora.Another character pictures - god Mercury common sense.He is opposed to the goddess of love Venus, however, is clearly losing it.

more precise composition distinguishes another masterpiece of the great masters - "Birth of Venus", which has become one of the most famous paintings in the world.The artist demonstrated how born from the sea foam goddess of love floats to shore on a huge seashell.Marshmallows customize it with his breath, and the goddess Ora waiting on the beach with a blanket in hands.All the way beautiful Venus rosy, because given birth with the goddess rose beautiful as love itself, and its thorns reminiscent of the romantic agony.

Sadly, in the last years of his fame faded Botticelli, and after his death, he was in limbo.Only through the famous English art critic John Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites, a group of artists in the late 19th century, his work was re-opened to the public.