Cartoon Yesterday and Today

Favorite cartoon characters have not only small, but also for adult viewers.Drawn fairy-tale characters on the screen come alive, luring the world of exciting adventures.In the life of the moving pictures are not met.But the wonders of animation allow you to turn a set of static images into moving pictures. Art animators give the viewer the opportunity to forget about the fact that he does not deal with reality and fairy tale.

Since ancient times, the multipliers used to obtain the desired effects of a variety of techniques by which the doll or painted images came to life.Technology certainly important.But far more important is the idea of ​​the artist, the script and the idea.Th
e final character of the animated film is born when, multipliers endow his personality and character.These principles, which originated in the early days of hand-drawn film, typical for modern animation.

his task masters of animation today see to convey to the audience the eternal values, which, in contrast to technologies that do not change over time.On TV screens the viewer continues to watch the characters whose behavior is driven by the pursuit of justice and goodness.Evil must be defeated, and the love and friendship necessarily prevail.

Features modern animation

Today, almost every creature in the world of animation is the result of the use of computer technology.Very rare characters now molded from clay or silhouetted transparencies.The use of computer animation allows you to characters with extremely high image detail.These heroes are able to move, like a man.Plastic movements, and special effects bring the animated picture to reality.

One of the strongest trends in the animated movie - the desire to limit naturalization.But some masters of animation believe that the desire to give the film the ultimate credibility of a dead end road, because the viewer sees not so much realistic detail painting as an artistic image that is created on the screen.It was fabulous, unreal world attracts the attention of young viewers.

the past two decades has had time to arise and develop three-dimensional animation.The use of 3D-technology in the production of cartoons become possible only after the computer technology to a new level. images that create the illusion of surround the world, you can create a complete image, which tends to limit the realism.

Yet the current master of animation often deliberately seek to stylize a three-dimensional graphics drawing.This can be explained confrontation between the two trends, one of which is the old school of animation, while the second expresses the demands of tomorrow, to the perception that audience is not yet ready.