you need
  • guitar, a computer with Internet connection, a tutorial on playing the guitar.
Learn basic structure of the guitar.Getting to the game on any tool, you must have at least a minimal understanding of the basic features of its structure and functioning.This knowledge can be useful as a tool selection, and when you use it.In the classical guitar are the main components of the body, neck and strings.The structure of the guitar body can distinguish four surfaces: front, back and 2 side.The front and rear surfaces
in professional language are called upper and lower decks, and the side - the shell.
When choosing a guitar Pay particular attention to the material from which it is made, as in many respects it determines the sound of the instrument.There are guitar whose deck, bottom and plywood shell.This type of instrument has a low price, but, unfortunately, not the best quality and is suitable rather for the initial stages of learning.It refers to the following form part of plywood guitar.In this case, the deck is made of solid spruce or cedar, and the bottom and sides - plywood.This option provides an excellent combination of price and quality, as the deck of an array can achieve very high levels of sound.Guitars made entirely of solid wood, can be attributed to the third type of guitars.Their quality depends on the type of wood and guitar master class, but in any case, with such a professional tool begins to play classical guitar.
When no easy task with a choice of guitar is solved, set the instrument itself and it would seem, all the necessary conditions into account, proceed directly to the game.But the rush is not worth it, because even the smallest moments in the future could affect the success of the training.Before you begin learning the chords, it is necessary to deal with how to properly hold a guitar.The correct fit and position of the hands of the guitarist to a large extent depends on the beauty of the sound of the instrument.There is a so-called classic fit, in which body of the guitar is on the left foot rests on the artist and his right leg.When playing the guitar holds only the right hand and the left solely involved in working with strings.
Take the theoretical part of the training.There are a large number of publications devoted to independent study of the guitar.This wide selection allows everyone to choose the most suitable option for him.Also in the Internet you can find a lot of video tutorials.If you are not sure what will happen on their own to master this tool, you can seek help from the appropriate school or community, which includes basic courses in learning to play the guitar.But regardless of the chosen method of teaching the most important success factor is a desire and a lot of patience.Lessons, perseverance and determination - is a guarantee of future success.