you need
  • Calm music, books on art.
in question modes of transmission of natural beauty experts emphasize that this study methods and techniques necessary to explore the aesthetic of the objects of knowledge.It is necessary to determine for himself what exactly attracts you to a particular landscape, select a specific item, which should be addressed.It should be specially tuned to the positive and correct information.To enhance the effect, you can use music.It is better to choose a calm classics, which will help to tune in the desired fashion.
In all variety of means and methods are three common channel for the creation and formation of subjective attitude towards nature.Namely, perceptual (here is the basis for the creati
on of human sensory perception);cognitive (this is when things purely using verbal information processing) and practical (in this case a major role to play direct interaction with nature).Depending on which channel it is inherent in a particular person, he chooses for himself one of the main ways and means of transmitting the beauty of nature.
Fiction.It is a means and method of enrichment and accumulation of passive and active vocabulary in the transmission of natural beauty.Almost all the works of art, including classical, based on are extremely rich comparative and descriptive character of the surrounding nature, such as the description of landscapes, animals and so on.The authors teach you to perceive the seemingly inanimate nature as spiritualized subject.It is possible to use a variety of techniques and means of expression of the Russian language, such as allegory, antithesis, litotes, hyperbole, metaphor, epithet, impersonation and so on.
Observation.It is one of the most important and the main means of transmission of the beauty of nature.In nature, we found a great variety of sources of the universal concept of beauty.This landscapes and plants and animals, and more.When the perception of grace, or the proportionality of perfection, beauty of sound, a rich palette of colors and shades of feeling perception is amplified several times.
Music.She is one of the most effective means of transmitting the mood of nature, the harmony of living and nonliving, the rhythm in the movements of animals.
Art.This is an important tool to help you and show their creativity and to express the inner perception of the beautiful in nature with the help of their own activities.Examples include applique, drawing or sculpture.