The Beatles

most popular bands of all time can be called group The Beatles.Total managed to sell more than one billion copies of their albums.But that's not all, because people continue to acquire those records, so that in a few decades this number could easily double.

Group was founded in 1960 in England by four young men, who knew more about how to be a rock 'n' roll than the recognized stars of the time.This is John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and drummer, who soon left the band and was replaced by Ringo Starr with it were recorded all the best album The Beatles.Gradually, the team found his own style of sound that has become a role model and source of inspiration for many bands of that time.They were able not only to find a new sound
in music, but also to develop a lot of interesting techniques in recording and shooting videos.Revolutionary idea was to mix several different styles in one song and add psychedelic and symphonic moments.

Led Zeppelin

next team in the global chart - the group Led Zeppelin.Critics believe that the talent of the musicians was not less than that of the Fab Four, and the song «Stairway to Heaven» is recognized by many of the most popular in all of rock music.Led Zeppelin - it's another British team, it was founded in 1968.Led Zeppelin had a huge impact on the hard-rock style, and became the founders of heavy metal.They were not afraid to add to their music blues and folk motifs, as well as the flavor is an element of other musical genres.Total has sold about more than 300 million albums Led Zeppelin.


little behind in the popularity of the group Queen, but their circulation records also already crossed the mark of 300 million. Copies.Everyone knows the hits of rock groups like «We are the Champions», «We Will Rock You» and others.Queen appeared around the beginning of the 1970s, they were soon noticed by critics and the public.The group today and millions of fans around the world who are not exchange this music anything else.Queen helped shape the image of a classic rock music, and many followers focused on them.The team is known for its special effects at concerts.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - the British team, known for its philosophical texts and numerous experiments in the area of ​​sound.This is one of the most popular bands in the world, only sold about 250 million copies of their albums.Music Pink Floyd sometimes departs from the rock, psychedelic approaching.The highest popularity of Pink Floyd came in the 70s.It was founded by fellow students of the Institute of Architecture in London.The band broke up in 1994.