September 6, 2012 the British branch of GQ held the awards ceremony the award "Person of the Year."The winner in the nomination "Woman of the Year" was the singer Lana del Rey.According to the editors of the magazine chose Lana for a sharp rise in the musical career, this year she released a new album, to take a leading position in the UK charts, and also entered into a number of important advertising contracts.

real name of the singer - Elizabeth Grant.She was born on June 21 1986 in the suburbs of New York.Since childhood, she sang in the church choir and dreamed of becoming a star.Due to the bad behavior of Elizabeth at the age of fifteen years, he was expelled from school, and then raising her daughter come to grips with her father - a businessman Robert Grant, specializing
in working with the Internet domain.

In 2004 a future star moved to New York to earn a piece of bread, began to perform in restaurants and clubs.Four years later, Elizabeth was able to prepare a mini-album consisting of three of his own songs and release it under the stage name Lana Del Ray.The girl with the help of his friends began distributing mini-album on the labels.

Soon she was lucky: it drew the attention of the famous producer David Kane.She signed a contract and soon released their first full-length album Lana Del Rey.The album was fairly well received by the public.In the summer of 2011 on all the radio stations of the United Kingdom Elizabeth sounded song Video games, after which the girl just woke up famous.Around the same time the contract was signed with the label Stranger Records, which, however, later had to break.In January 2012, Lana Del Rey released her second album called Born to Die, the promotion of which lies with the label Interscope Records.