History of indie rock

Indie rock emerged in the 1980s in the UK and the US.In those years the punk out of fashion, and recording studios, publish it over the years, proved to be irrelevant, and went into the underground.These became known as the independent studio, that is indie.However, most of the music market in those days belonged to the major music labels, which gave only the performers, representing a commercial value.Over time indie studio began to appear everywhere, and young performers unformatted virtually no problems with the release of the album.One could always contact one of the indie studio that happily took up the release of alternative music.However, there was one serious drawback - indep
endent studio not pursued for profit and commercial success of their wards.The most that can count the group - a few tens of discs recorded for the money themselves artists.

In the 80s of the last century, a whole galaxy of young musicians whose music was called college rock.These teams played music in the style of post-rock, noise rock, shoegaze and other unformatted directions.Of these groups later became very popular bands like The Smiths, Pixies, REMand New Order.The compositions of these artists heard on the radio of low-budget, but the bulk of the audience were friends and classmates.

However, over time a band playing in the underground, hit the mainstream.Bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and The Offspring became the embodiment of a new wave of punk and staff Oasis became a cult in the British Isles.Breakthrough of the musical groups turned everything upside down.All groups that a few years ago belonged to the indie, ceased to be such.For indie rock performers were now only be classed those who refused to cooperate with large labels and refused to show clips on music television channels.

Which groups can now be attributed to the indie-rock?

to indie-rock could be considered separate groups, who openly emphasize their independence from others styles.This band playing music that they like.Often ranked among the artists indie rock The White Sptripes, The Strokes, The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys.However, the popularity of these groups, the number of albums sold and released clips refute these allegations.

Now indie rock - a little-known groups that do not chase after money and fame.It performers, contentment rare performances in clubs and bars.These groups play music for pleasure and do not promote yourself to the masses.