What is Dada

This trend originated in 1916 and lasted until 1922.He became the founder of the Romanian and the French poet Tristan Tzara.Dadaism was the passage, reflecting the meaninglessness of existence, irrationality and lack of consistency.The origin of the genre is associated with the consequences of the First World War, had a great influence on foreign policy and literally turned over the way of life of millions of people.The word "Dada", Tzara chosen to describe a new art had different meanings in the languages ​​of the world, and it could pass sophomoric, and in Russian and Romanian expression double statement.Thus, the word "Dada" everyone has seen its value, while others did not notice it at all.That was the whole point of a new genre.According to the canons of Dada, any logic and rationality - is the path to war and destruction.so they refu
sed any principles and demolished all the canons.The main pictorial works of the Dadaists were meaningless drawings, abstract collages, all kinds of scribbles.In Dada poetry put to replace the words incoherent letter combinations.For several years, Dadaism was very popular in Switzerland, Germany, France, USA, Japan and the UK.But after 1922, his popularity began to decline steadily, and soon disappeared entirely Dadaism.
Dadaism spawned several new trends - surrealism, abstraction, primitivism and expressionism.

Famous Dadaists

founder flow Tristan Tzara wrote poetry in Romanian and French.His works - it's pure Dada.They almost no sense, and the content is absurd.The plot is based on the alternation of metaphorical images, but, in contrast to the futurism, poems have a syntax and logical sense.The companion Tzara and Marcel Janco was a native of Romania.Janko worked as an artist and architect.He created bright paintings with a jumble of geometric shapes and abstract characters.Janco Dada tried to popularize in France, but was quite a cold reception from critics.
Many Dadaists used in his works sharp political statements.

artist and poet Jean Arp also stood at the origins of Dadaism.In his paintings he used biomorphic silhouettes inspired by the forms of nature as well as the bright color spots.Poems Arpa devoid of logical sense, but it is very emotional.The French and American artist Marcel Duchamp took an active part in the Dadaist actions and performance.He loved to transform into different images, including the women.Duchamp's works were born of ready-made things.For example, a urinal with written on it and the date of the autograph, he presented as a sculpture "Fountain."