Ivan Dubasov, unfortunately, deceased in 1976, was the founder of sketching Russian money.It was an artist with a strong talent, who all his life engaged in the creation of sketches banknotes Soviet Union.

Apolitical artist

At the time, the parents noticed the makings of an artist in drawings of his son, decided to send him to study at the Stroganov Art School, which was under the tutelage of his Imperial Majesty.After graduation Ivan Dubasov received a diploma and the title of the painter.

I.Dubasov was deeply apolitical person, and, nevertheless, took part in a competition organized by a sign of the fifth anniversary of the October Revolution.According to the contest it was required to make a s
ketch of the brand in honor of this event.I.Dubasov won this contest.

I.Dubasov After the competition was invited to Gosznak, where he was asked to create a sketch of the coat of arms of the country of the Soviets.The work was conducted in the emergency mode, as expected adoption of a new Constitution, and on the situation in her coat of arms to be displayed.So in twenty-six years I.Dubasov he authored emblem of the Soviet Union.Coat lasted until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

the day when Lenin died, Dubasov was proposed again in a hurry, to create a brand of mourning.Dubasov created a commemorative stamp, which today has become the dream of every philatelist.

From cash layouts for state awards

One of the most significant achievements I.Dubasova - the creation of the Order of Lenin, the highest award of the Soviet Union, and was created Dubasov under evacuation.Himself I.Dubasov for creating this sketch was also awarded the highest honor the USSR.

After the war, on behalf of Stalin Dubasov began to develop sketches of banknotes for the newly formed socialist countries.So it was created sketches of money to Czechoslovakia, Albania, China and East Germany.In those countries money on sketches by Dubasov, were circulated for decades.

Since the 20's of the last century, I.Dubasov participated in the development of sketches money USSR several times during the currency reform in 1947, when Khrushchev's reforms in 1961.During his years, fruitful work artist Ivan Dubasov was marked with state awards - the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner.