Music Contest "Eurovision" is held since 1956 and enjoys a well-deserved popularity.It was after speaking to him, many artists have become world famous.The winner is determined by voting viewers, and the artist for their vote impossible.Despite the seemingly fair conditions, the vote still not impartial.As a rule, neighboring countries that are in a good relationship, vote for each other, giving artists the maximum points.That's vote Baltic countries, Greece and Cyprus, Moldova and Romania, the countries of the former Soviet Union - Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian representatives often praised by Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia because of the large number of them are living in Russian-speaking citizens.

Such examples are many.Everyone knows that the vote on the principle of proximity is unfair, but in practice to deal with such a system is very difficult.To reduce the effects of a neighbor's vote to a minimum, along with the audience vote was to put their assessments and the professional jury.As a result of the total score is derived for each of the participating countries.However, to completely eliminate the influence of friendly voting and failed.

Despite the fact that the vote on the principle of a community still very noticeable, and can have a significant impact on the determination of the winner of the competition, and we can state a positive fact - often neighboring countries do not give each other maximum points.So, the competition in Baku Russians gave their preference of the Swedish singer Loreen, speaking with the song "Euphoria" and won a deserved victory.Given that the maximum number of points a Member from Sweden gave eighteen countries, we can say that a talented artist, who plays with a good song can win the competition no matter what country it represents.Winning by a clear margin, it certainly takes all the questions the integrity of the vote.

Lauren scored 372 points - this is a very good result.The runner-up Russian team "Buranovskie grandmother" has lagged behind her 113 points.While a record number of points at the "Eurovision" won the 2009 contest in Moscow Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak - 387. His victory was also very bright, is not in doubt.It is hoped that as the erasure of borders in Europe to vote on the principle of neighborhood will have less and less importance.