On the one hand, the art of street art, at its core, is designed to withstand the aggressive urban environment, on the other hand, without the aggression of the modern city itself would not have arisen street art.
Street art proizros of street tag, which, in turn, in the late 60-ies of the last century, in Philadelphia (USA), transformed into graffiti.By the early '80s, when between graffiti there was competition, graffiti from plohochitaemyh font tags are increasingly began to be transformed into interesting artistic composition, and catchy slogans: "Boredom is c
ounterrevolutionary," "Run, comrade, for you old world", "Culture - that's lifeon the contrary, "or" Be realistic, demand the impossible! ".
Now, in an era of continuous and eclectic post-post-modernism, the boundaries of the concept of street art are blurred as the borders of other art forms.
Street art - is any creative act, created in the urban environment, in the space of streets and squares.Straight arteries are not only artists, directly converting a static space, giving it a new meaning and codes.
Street arteries - this street musicians, mimes, dancers, break dance, and fleshmobery actionists.That is, all those who go out to do.It does not matter, is engaged in this creative person permanently or commits one, but important for himself and, as he says, for others Share.
Street art is the art of aggressive, active retractors all participants in the life of the city into a dialogue.Even if for some reason one driven him straight Arter places in urban areas only "cute lion", in any case, he imposes them quite shamelessly, regardless of anyone's opinion.
street art can deal with anyone.If only there was a novel idea that I would like to tell the world, as street art can be expressed by any means, but must pay a concept.Street art - conceptual art.
Means of expression of artists and street art are selected on the basis of the concept is.And these means of expression may be different: stickers, stickers, posters, cans of paint, crayons, stencils, plastic, electrical tape, laser projection and LED installations - all of which you can quickly create an art object and to have time to carry out his legs.The fact is that in many countries of the world street art is still considered vandalism, but not dull gray transformation of the urban environment.
However, the authorities in some countries have realized that the art of street art can bring cities a profit as attracting tourists willing to pay, even for trips to the addresses of the most popular songs, they began to wonderon the revision of its attitude to this kind of public art activities.
Thus for themselves straight artery idea of ​​getting money from the creativity is almost considered seditious, because this subculture is extremely narrow.The news of the commercialized fellow man immediately flies continents and artist can be ostracized.Another thing, if to create some hard work there is a sponsor.
All work straight arteries around the world created as an alternative to commercial art and commercial filling space of cities.Roughly speaking, as an alternative to outdoor advertising.At the same time, advertisers are beginning to use the techniques, the turned straight arteries, since they often work much better.