homeland romance became Spain.In the 12-14 centuries, wandering musicians, singers and poets created a new song genre, which combined techniques of recitative and melodic tunes.In contrast to the church hymns played on Latin, Spanish troubadour songs sung in their native language, which at that time was called Romanesque.Thus arose the name of the "romance" to define a new type of vocal pieces, performed to the accompaniment of musical instruments.

In the 15th century, thanks to the rapid development of courtly poetry, the Spanish began to publish the first collections of songs, called "Ballads".Gradually romance close to the folk song, but retained the specific features of the genre.In contrast to the songs performed as a soloist and a choir accompanied by musical instruments or without romanc
e executed by one, at least - two singers with the indispensable instrumental accompaniment.At the court of songs sung by the vihuela, the people - under the Spanish guitar.

other Western European countries the song was originally perceived as a literary, poetic genre, but later joined the different cultures and as a piece of music has incorporated the features of national identity.

In the 18th century romance appeared in Russia.However, professional composers turned to this wonderful genre only in the 19th century, before the songs were written mostly by amateurs.A special kind of genre has become so-called cruel romance.Its representatives were such well-known masters of vocal music, as Alexander Varlamov, Alexander A.Guriljev Peter Bulakhov who created their works in Russian folk style, or to the people's own words.In the early 20th century there were the composers who managed to combine the tone of Russian folk songs with the rhythms of gypsy vocals, creating another, a very peculiar trend in the art of Russian romance.

In the 21st century, the romance has not lost its popularity.To this day, created works that continue the best traditions of the classic examples of the genre.Roma also written, "cruel", urban and modern lyrical ballads.Many of today's artists, whose passion for vocal art began with the Roma and "cruel" romances, gradually approaching the best examples of the most accessible and democratic genre of Russian vocal music.