word "installation" appeared in the Russian language is relatively recent.It is borrowed from the English language and has a range of values.

Art installations

In the visual arts so called modernist work, which uses ready-made parts or objects.For example, plastic bottles, buttons, old magazines.

combine them in a special way and are arranged in space.As a result, ordinary things take on a new meaning.

installation as an artistic technique called composition.When the exhibit or set placed in the hall, creating a certain structure similar stage.

should not be confused with the installation Environnement.Installation - a technical aspect in the creation of the exhibition composition.A Environnement is a modern art form.

This is one of the most "advanced" art practices.In which a team of artists, architects and engine
ers to create a complete, not utilitarian art space.

term for programmers

Those who use a computer, the word "installation" is also familiar.So call time during which the installation of the software on the computer.Starts installation with a special program recorded, for example, on CD-ROM.

The installation process is fully automated.The user chooses only some of the settings of the computer and the drive on which the program is stored.Installation involves placing and creation of files necessary for the normal operation of the program.

Installation and Service

word "installation" are those who are engaged in installing and servicing equipment.It may be different: medical, drilling, refrigeration.

When the equipment is complicated, it is necessary not only to deliver and install, but also to bring to the working condition.Make adjustments and settings.The expert should have a good understanding of the equipment itself, have extensive knowledge in the area of ​​its application.

Installation for "white friend»

This technical term takes a slightly different meaning when it comes to plumbing.In particular, on the toilet bowl.

Recently, demand for a wide bowls, which are attached not to the floor and the wall.They are more practical to use, take up little space, hygienic.Brackets for wall toilets are also called installations.

They are constantly being improved.There were designs that allow you to adjust the height of the toilet.