genre pictures and images of people and animals are on the cliffs caves of primitive people.Even then, the person there was a need to share with others their attitude and well-known phenomena.Because of its fragility, pattern impermanent, unlike sculptures.The oldest of them, which are kept in the art museums, only about five hundred - six hundred years.But it often happens that seeing them, and even much more recent paintings, we do not understand the dramatic scenes and the names of the pictures do not tell us anything.But you know what the picture is very important to understand the intention of the artist and the message that he left us, his descendants.
With portraits, self-portraits
, landscapes and still lifes like everything is clear - the artist simply made a "picture" using paints and brushes, captures a moment in the life of nature and people.Even genre scenes that we see in the paintings of the great masters of the past, we are relatively clear, and even sometimes seem quite modern.
Another thing - the Bible stories, who wrote on the topic of many.These stories were popular and in demand mainly customers of artists - the Church, which is decorated with paintings of the walls of temples.Typical customers - wealthy patrons and also wanted to hang on the walls of their houses chapels and walls of the castle scenes with religious content.Because of this, most of the paintings shows the most different, well-known and not very popular subjects, which were found in the Bible.In order to understand the content, check out this book, and more will become clear in the picturesque subjects.
Another layer of paintings - those that are difficult to understand and explain, without knowing the history.They depicted the famous historical subjects and the picture actually shows not only what we see painted on it, and the whole chain of events that can not be seen with the eyes - they just need to know.Learn the history and you look quite different eyes to those picture , which previously passed by indifferently.The same applies to the paintings, which depict fairy tales and stories of legends.
Two kinds of pictures that many do not understand - abstract and surreal.It all depends on you.In these pictures you can see it is even what the author did not expect picture .If you have developed imagination and the mind is flexible enough, they will like you and will be apparent, as the artist himself gave you the right to explain themselves of their contents.