History techno

Presumably style of techno music was invented so-called "Belvillskoy trio" - three young African-Americans living in the Detroit suburb of Belleville.Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Sanderson in the mid 80s together experimenting with different musical styles.In the end, they opted for the German electronic music and tried to make it more dancing, suitable for the performance of the club DJs.Also, a significant influence on the formation of techno as a separate direction in music had such genres like synth-pop and house.

first techno tracks appeared in 1985, but a new style for a long time did not have a specific name.For artificial sound attributed to his electronic music, with
the emphasis mechanical rhythms - to the House for multiple repeats of the individual elements of the product - to hip-hop and even disco - dance for the character.

name "techno" this trend was in Britain in 1988 because of the out-there deytroytskoy collection of dance music.The publication called «Techno!The New Dance Sound Of Detroit ».In Britain, a techno style quickly became popular, and the compositions in this genre came in the top ten music charts.In the US, this trend continued to remain underground phenomenon.

Popular destinations techno

classic American techno usually called Detroit Techno.Just called and music, sustained in the traditions of Detroit techno records musicians in the 1985-1995 period.The distinctive features of this style is the use of analog synthesizers and drum machines, then this technique was replaced by digital emulations with the characteristic sound of these instruments.Initially, Detroit Techno created by a four-channel, so often in the compositions of style sounds just four sound.

minimal techno also appeared in Detroit in 1991.This area is characterized by a minimalist sound austere, simplistic scales and atonal melodies.In the works of this style of acoustic space it is unloaded, a sense of emptiness between the bits, but retained the pressure and intensity of the sound.

Schranz - popular German style of techno.From classic variety is characterized by a heavy line, minimalistic and often monotonous sound, which is built on the basis of energetic drums and torn looped synthetic noise.