In 1798, the painting was purchased by the Polish Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski, and since then belonged to his family.The time of writing web experts attribute to 1513 or 1514.Who exactly is depicted on it is not known, but some critics suggest that this is a self-portrait of the great Italian.By the time of the Nazi occupation of Poland picture stored in the Krakow museum.Together with other values ​​Czartoryski family, including the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci's "Lady with an Ermine", in 1939 it was confiscated by the Germans for Hitler's personal museum in Linz (Fuhrermuseum).For the latest information about the painting dated 1945.By

available to the press in mid-August 2012, information no detai
ls of how it was found is not the picture of a great artist.Moreover, the interview, which was given to the present officials, it is clear that in this story they know very few details.The only specific information about the present state of the missing paintings sounded in the statement of the representative of the Polish press relations department to return the cultural values ​​of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.He said that the picture of Raphael is stored in one of the bank vaults, but neither cell number nor the bank's name, or even the country in which it is located, in the Ministry do not know.Therefore, the statement that the picture is found, is a bit premature.Even after the painting will be in the hands of agents of the State or previous owner (the Czartoryski family), specialists are many months of work to establish the authenticity of the picture.

However, it is possible that it is premature statement - part of some secret service or diplomatic games, which is conducted with the aim of returning such a valuable work of art in Poland.So far, only a very small fraction of the cultural values ​​lost by the Poles during the Second World War, were returned to their current owners voluntarily.