Tip 1: When hosted the first Eurovision Song Contest

One of the world's most popular music competitions for more than half a century is the "Eurovision".Member countries choose from a few months before the competition, the state that receives the "Eurovision" is preparing for a year.It is difficult to imagine that the music in the first battle participated in only 7 countries.

first "Eurovision»

first of its kind "Eurovision" was held in 1957 in Lugano, Switzerland.It was attended by seven European countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland and West Germany.It is also going to take part Denmark, Austria and the UK, but for technical reasons they were removed because they do not make the deadline.

from each participant at the contest were for two performers with their songs.The organizers consider it desirable that the songs each of the participants were selected strict jury - the audience of the competition in each country.In the song, performances, the number of props and participants number is almost no restrictions
, even though they were not supposed to last more than three and a half minutes.The order of appearance of the draw determined, but some of the songs to perform first decided by the participants.The first winner was Switzerland, which was represented by singer Lys Assia with the song "Refrain".

In the first "Eurovision" and up until 1997, the winner is determined qualified jury selected in each country.Jury rules also do not have the right to vote for their own country.Since 1997, the jury was abolished, and the vote is conducted in a mode online.The jury elected and then they voted, but estimates of the jury were given to actors only under conditions that did not allow the people to vote.However, since 2009, they re-assessment takes into account when placing the common points.

New rules for participants

Now "Eurovision" has acquired a set of rules: each next competition takes place in the country of the winner of the previous year.Member of "Eurovision" has to be over 16 years old, singing live on stage at the same time may be only 6 participants room.
However, at different times in the competition existed stricter rules.For example, from 1970 to 1998 at the "Eurovision" song could sound only in the national language of the country party.Before 2013, the musical part in the battle could take a song that has not performed on stage before 1 September last year.

annually without taking part in the semi-finals in the competition is open to representatives of the winners, as well as the country's "big five" - ​​France, Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy.Other participants before the performance on the stage of "Eurovision" have to win the hearts of the audience in the semifinals.Now in "Eurovision" Every year there are about 40 countries.

Russia participated in the competition for 18 times in 2014, the best result was achieved artist Dima Bilan, who brought the Eurovision in Russia in 2009.Held in Russian "Eurovision" has become one of the most expensive and ambitious competition in history.It was during the "Eurovision" in Moscow have set new records the number of points scored by the winner and the number of people who voted for the performers.

Tip 2: When is the Eurovision Song Contest

- is annually held a competition in which artists perform music from different countries.It has international status and is broadcast on television around the world.And even in those countries that do not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.
When is the Eurovision Song Contest
In the contest has its own rules.They establish that the Eurovision Song Contest held in May.Traditionally, the finale takes place in the May Saturday.In the Western European time it can be seen at exactly 21:00.Earlier on Thursday, at the same time, competition is conducted semi-finals.
However, the current rules have changed in comparison with the original.During the very first competition in Switzerland, the number of participating countries was only 7 pieces.From each artist wanted two songs for the show.Currently, each musician in the competition must submit only one composition.
By the way, the singer is not limited in what language he can sing.Previous restrictions under which the execution was carried out exclusively in the national language of the country participating.Now the participant is free to choose the song in any language perfectly.
Throughout Eurovision existed and continues to exist one rule: the selected song to be presented without a soundtrack to vote, that is to sing for an audience of thousands of participants will have to "live".
After all the claimed compositions will be presented to the audience and judges, will universal suffrage.On his audience it is given 15 minutes, during which must choose the best song and its artist.You can vote for any party other than his compatriot.
Once all the members of the jury will be made vote count for each of the countries represented (eg, separately for Germany, Italy, France, Russia, other countries).Member State with the most votes, and becomes the winner.To it goes right to host Eurovision next year.