what jazz

Jazz - the direction in music, characterized by a compound rhythm with melody.A special feature of jazz is improvisation.His popular musical trend was due to an unusual sound and a combination of several very different cultures.

history of jazz began in the early XX century in the United States.In New Orleans traditional jazz was formed.Subsequently, many other towns began to emerge new versions of jazz.Despite the diversity of sounds of different styles, jazz music can be immediately distinguishable from others of the genre due to its characteristics.


musical improvisation - one of the main features in jazz, which is present in all its varieties.Artists create music spontaneously, never premeditate not rehearse.To play jazz and improvise, required experience and skill in the art of making music.Besides jazz mus
ician should be aware of rhythm and tonality.Do not have a low value of the relationship between the musicians in the band, because the success of the resulting music depends on understanding the mood of each other.

improvisation in jazz allows each time to create something new.The sound of music depends on the enthusiasm musician at the time of the game.

can not say that if there is no improvisation in the performance, then it is not jazz.This kind of jazz music playing went from African nations.Since Africans had no idea about the notes and rehearsal, the music passed each other just by learning its melody and theme.And each new musician was able to play the same music in a new way.

rhythm and melody

The second important feature is the rhythm of jazz style.Musicians have the ability to spontaneously create a sound, since the constant ripple effect creates a liveliness, games, excitement.Rhythm also restrict improvisation, demanding to extract sounds according to a predetermined rhythm.

like improvisation, jazz rhythm came from African cultures.But this is the main characteristic feature of the musical flow.The first free jazz performers completely abandoned rhythm, to be totally free to create music.Because of this new direction in jazz for a long time not been recognized.Rhythm percussion instruments provide.

from European culture inherited melodic jazz music.It is a combination of rhythm and improvisation with a harmonious and soft jazz music gives the unusual sound.