syndrome, named after the great painter, meets with different psychiatric disorders - BDD (pathological dissatisfaction with their appearance), schizophrenia.At the hospital where Van Gogh was placed after this strange act, he was diagnosed with "temporal lobe epilepsy."

Modern psychiatrists who study the biography of the artist, prefer to speak of epileptic or manic-depressive psychosis.In the first case, the disease could carry hereditary.People with epilepsy were among the painter's relatives on the maternal line.In the second case, the cause of the disease could become absinthe craze combined with hard work.

How did this happen?

According to conventional
version, the act of violence against a Vincent made December 23, 1888 after an argument with Paul Gauguin.

Van Gogh at the time thought about the creation of the "Workshop of the South" - brotherhood that would draw up a new direction in art for future generations.Great expectations in doing so he laid on P.Gogena.But the ideas of Gauguin Van Gogh did not share, and Vincent could not understand it, and the meeting of two artists, initially peaceful, more often ended in a quarrel.During one of these fights Van Gogh furious grabbed a razor and jumped at him, Gauguin miraculously managed to hold it.After returning home, the artist has experienced a deep remorse, that he decided to punish himself such a terrible way.

Van Gogh cut off his ear

German scientists and G.Kaufman R.Vildegans believe that the reason for the quarrel between artists served no differences in the arts, and the rivalry over a woman.

The conflict has become a kind of a woman prostitute named Rachel.Van Gogh really attacked Gauguin, who, being a good swordsman, defended by a rapier, leaving Vincent and cut off his ear.

subsequently testified police, Gauguin was told that Van Gogh mutilated himself, while Vincent was unable to say anything intelligible.

Paul Gauguin not guilty

English explorer M.Beyli concluded that Van Gogh did he cut off his ear, but do not quarrel with Gauguin was the cause.

Shortly before this event, Theo, Vincent's brother, wrote a letter to his mother, in which he announced the intention to marry, and on December 23 Vincent received money from his brother.Most likely, with the money, and it's the news of the impending marriage of his brother.

How could Van Gogh took the news?Subsequently, Theo mentioned in a letter to the bride that Vincent did not approve of his decision and said that "marriage should not become the main purpose of life."This is not surprising: the brother Vincent are constantly provided support - both financial and moral.The upcoming wedding of his brother meant for Van Gogh, that soon he may be deprived of fraternal aid.

Perhaps the news of the future marriage of his brother overwhelm test for unstable psyche of the artist.The result was an attack of madness, and the act of violence against them.

However, none of these versions can not be considered fully proven.Act Van Gogh still remains a mystery.