Pastel - sophisticated graphical technique

Today, pastel is very popular among art lovers.This material is a chalk stick, consisting of two components: a special color pigment and binder (gum or resin).

should be noted that there are two kinds of pastels: dry and oil.First manufactured in the form of chalk, and the pencils.Dry pastel - the most demanded artists material.It is flexible, easy to shaded, allowing you to create smooth color transitions.Oil Pastels more capricious.She lay down dense bed substantially prevents the mixing of colors and correction.Typically, it is used to create student jobs or quick sketches.

pastel technique was invented in the 16th Italy.While the color range was limited to white, black and terracotta.The most popular pastel found in the 18th c
entury, when it started to boom portrait.This technique worked B. Eriksen, J. Bard, GFSchmidt AGVenetsianov, Yasnopolskoy S. et al.

Pastel allows you to create light, colorful, delicate paintings.Using it is easy to transfer and view the depth and tenderness of the skin, lips and juiciness.However, in the late 19th century, artists were more likely to use pastels to create landscapes.Among the admirers of the material can be identified IILevitan, MAVrubel (later work), VASerov and others.

Features pastels

in the vaults of the Tretyakov Gallery holds about 800 works made by artists renowned using pastels.The exhibition of these works always becomes an event in the art world.However, these events occur very rarely.Pastel - Material cranky and short-lived, and therefore requires proper storage.

Ease of use is offset by the complexity of the conservation pastel drawing.As a rule, drawing on a special color / white paper with a rough surface.Colored particles cling to the villi, so stay on the surface.However, a long stay in an upright position leads to shattering operation.

The easiest way to keep work - cover it with varnish.The best option - a spray, asBrush easily deformed figure.Novice artists usually use a normal hairspray.There is also a special retainer pastels, sold in art supply stores.

But it is worth noting: the lock caused in any way alter the original colors and the entire product range.Also pastel loses its inherent creaminess that gives the picture added charm.Over time, we calculated the universal way to preserve works in pastels.The best option - clearance work mat and frame with glass.It is thus stored works in major museums around the world.