Musical wooden spoons

Musical wooden spoons are made, usually maple or birch.Lipa for their manufacture is not used as it is considered more fragile timber having a thud.Already in the XVIII century soldiers choirs and ensembles of musical instruments playing the spoons.Bells attached to the handles, clowns used spoons for rhythmic accompaniment of dances, singing provocative and humorous songs.

Since the wooden spoon - a percussion instrument that is played to them, using all kinds of tricks to get more variety of noise sounds.The game, as a rule, two, three, four and five spoonfuls at a time.Knocking on its own, and the spoons neighbor.In order to play this instrument is no special training literature.Musicians-Lozhkarev forced to use their own methods of open games.

main methods of execution on two spoons

kolenochki - banging spoons on his left hand and knee neighbor sitting on the right.

Click - put the first spoonful of the convex side up on the left hand and hit her second.Extract sound similar to the clip-clop of hooves.

Balls - two spoons held his right hand back side to each other: the first between the toes 1 and 2, the second - between the fingers 2 and 3. At the expense of 1, 2, 3, 4 spoons hit on the knee, and tools like balls,jumps out of the tribe.

hangers - banging spoons, which are located in the right hand, the left hand and shoulder neighbor to the left.

Circle - knock on his left hand, the left, then the right shoulder and right knee.

Swing - banging spoons on his knee and left hand, located at eye level.At the same time slightly tilting the body to the left and right.

pendulum - moving the first blows of the second spoon-like a pendulum.Hitting the underside of the instrument or the handle of a spoon first second opposite direction.Spoons can be held vertically or horizontally.

Arc - at the expense of "1" - made a blow to the knee.On the count of "2" - hit on the left elbow.

tickers - knock on his left hand on your left knee, heel and floor.

Ratchet - a very common technique of the game - a musical instrument between the knee and the palm of his left hand and shot.

Sun - knock on his left hand, slowly raising his hands and drawing a circle over his head from left to right.

main methods of execution in three spoons

Horse - in the left hand 2 spoons on the right - 1 left hand spoon pressed his thumb to the palm of your hand so that the reverse side facing up.Second - placed between the 3rd and 4th fingers so that the flip side of "looking" at the back side of the first tray.Brush squeeze occurs kick.In his right hand a third spoon.
At the expense of "1" makes a glancing blow third-spoon (right hand) down the first spoonful (left hand).
At the expense of "2" - clenching his left hand, get hit back sides first spoon of a second.
At the expense of "3" is turned down his left hand with the first and second spoons and produce a glancing blow, upward, the third spoon (right hand) on the first and second handles (left hand).
At the expense of "4" - to repeat the same thing and at the expense of "2".

grace notes - gliding strokes (by itself or on) the first and second spoon by a third.

Each spoon keeps the skills and labor of Russian artisans.Musician-Lozhkarev puts into every blow a certain strength, extracting different sounds.Thanks to this game, even with the most simple techniques transformed into a real art.