Ancestors body known since ancient times.One of them is the sheng, a wind folk instrument, consisting of cane tubes.Homeland of the instrument, the sound of which is extracted by breathing, is China.Another body is considered a precursor of the Pan Flute.She named after the ancient Greek deity, the patron of forests and meadows, which created this tool.Flute pan is sealed together tubes of different lengths.

water organ Ktesebiya

closest to the body has become a modern water organ, or water body.His invention relates to the third century BCIts author is Kteseby, Greek engineer and inventor.Water organ to make sounds because of its structure: the two piston pumps, one of which supplied air to the instrument, and the other in the pipe.Music, whi
ch is extracted from the tool in such a way, was a very loud and shrill.Eventually, a water body fur were used instead of the water tank and pumps.

divine music

Over time, more and more agencies improved.In the seventh century, the body began to be used in Catholic churches.Number of metal pipes increased and could reach several thousand.In the XIV century the foot pedal for the lower sounds.Authority to imitate other instruments, as well as natural phenomena, it is possible thanks to the huge number of tubes that emit sounds of different tone, as well as through the register lever and various buttons.

In the XIV century the instrument became known throughout Europe.They became popular stationary bodies called positive, and portable - Portativ.Golden time for the execution of organ music began XVII and XVIII century.The music of this instrument has an amazing sound, for him to write new works of genius.The body has become an indispensable element of all Catholic churches and cathedrals.

Since the XVIII century it began to be used in the speaker, and from XIX - in operas.The sound of this instrument like no other approaches to create a solemn and majestic environment.Almost all great composers included in his compositions for organ music.In the subsequent time "king of instruments" continued to acquire new sounds and new voices, new products were introduced into the design as the body has not reached a modern look.