Sometimes the attacker gives itself a crime scene.Or rather - it left evidence the presence of witnesses and unwitting thieves unusual behavior.

For example, in 2000 at the National Museum in Stockholm occurred daring theft of three paintings by two famous artists: Renoir and Rembrandt.Abduction planned criminal group of people who knew a lot about art.After all, the total value of the paintings is at least $ 30 million.Issued by their craving for romance and adventure.They sat on a motor boat and left the scene point, leaving a crowd of onlookers.As a result, about six months the abduction was revealed.

almost comical incident occurred in the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam.The kidnappers of the two paintings were working very vigorously and even managed to escape from the police.This time the thieves summed banal haste, because "bunglers" left in place its stolen hats.And they were naturally hair.Thanks to the DNA samples villains immediately underwent righteous judgment.

There were times when famous paintings in art galleries quietly carried away in broad daylight, despite the vigilant attention of many guards.Scottish Castle Drumlanrig still keeps memories of how robbers in 2003 pretended to be police officers and told his tour group that carried out the teaching that people did not raise panic when they will pick up the painting "Madonna of the spindle" Leonardo da Vinci.And one of the most grandiose robbery occurred in the Museum Isabella Stewart Gardner in Boston.There rendered by fraud protection 13 paintings valued at $ 500 million.

time picture looking in those places where the kidnappers try to sell them.It may be sites and colorfully-decorated auction catalogs to contain the photos of works of art.Masterpieces can safely be in the private homes of unsuspecting owners who purchased them.Naturally, that the search for the missing is often required to conduct carefully planned operation involving the security services.

In addition, there are many interesting facts relating to the stolen paintings.For instance, sometimes fall under suspicion of innocent people, that is talented artists who make copies of popular paintings.Interestingly, the history of mankind often stolen painting by Picasso.They also found that the majority of the kidnappers, who have managed to expose, hid their acquisition of cemeteries and luggage storage.It is noteworthy that the legendary Rembrandt because of its relatively small size (29.99 / 24.99 cm) managed to steal as much as 4 times.

Motivation thieves can not give any logic.For example, the picture sometimes abducted not for profit and resale, and for the love of art.Connoisseurs of beauty and antiquity Stefan Braytvizer in just 7 years of traveling in Europe has stolen more than 200 various antiques, including paintings and.All this he collected exclusively for their home.

objectives of the kidnappers may even deserve respect.For example, the Italian Vincenzo Perugia, who worked at the Art Gallery of the Louvre, was a patriot of his country.And for this reason, I decided to take to their homeland masterpieces of Italian painting.Naturally, the public opinion of his full support and he escaped punishment.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that the fate of the stolen paintings is very difficult to trace.That is why the search for them goes sometimes for many years.