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Kerch is one of the most ancient cities in the world.It is hard to imagine that the city more than 26 centuries.Kerch - was the capital of the largest on the Black Sea, the Bosporus Kingdom.During the Great Greek colonization of Greek immigrants from Miletus began to explore the land of the North, and there was a colony Prichernomorya.Tak Panticapaeum.Every year in early summer, a festival of Ancient Art "Bosporus The cars".This is the only festival in the post-Soviet space.On Mount Mithridates, on the excavation of the ancient Pritaneya (Panticapaeum settlement) takes place the opening ceremony of the festival.When the silver light of the moon the audience to enjoy the enchanting spectacle with the participation of outstanding artist
s and artists.The ancient Greeks believed that the scene can create the illusion of a dialogue with time, to scare away death and prolong life.In the excavations of the ancient city Panticapaeum archaeologists have found samples of theatrical masks that used by ancient actors.One of them is the symbol of the festival.
participation in review annually take theater groups from different countries of the former Soviet Union, and even Europe, addresses the works of the ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes, Euripides and Sofoksa.For fifteen years Kerch was visited by representatives of more than forty countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan.Viewers saw ancient gods, bright divine muses Melpomene fragment puppet show, dance performances, musical compositions."The cars Bosporus" - a multi-day festival, whose roots go back to the ancient culture of the Eastern Crimea.He grew up in the ancient land, where previously existed Panticapaeum and Mirmeky, Tirithaca, nymphs and Parthenius.
Festival "Bosporus The cars" - the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage of Kerch and the Crimea, in the education of the younger generation a sense of belonging to the centuries-old history of his native land.June - the month when everyone can touch the ancient art, imbued with theatrical performances at the amphitheater Pritaneya.