bells are ringing bright tone, if you play them softly (piano), and with a loud performance (forte) tone becomes brighter and even brilliant.Typically, the bells have a range of notes to the third octave of the note to the fifth, but there are tools with a wider range.The symphony orchestra bells have been used since the XIX century.Notes written for them by an octave lower than they sound really.
As an orchestral instrument can be used two types of bells: simple and keyboards.Simple bells - it is located in two rows of metal plates secured to a wooden frame.Location records can be compared with the piano keys: they are organized in the same way.There are also keyboards and bells, which strike on the plate c
omes with a special hammer, individually for each plate.The body of bells is a bit like a small piano and celesta.From a technical point of view, keyboards bells can do better, since the frequency of impact can vary greatly.But the timbre usually purer sound is simple bells, without case and keys.
for sound production are commonly used special metal mallets, but in some cases, to give a soft tone, take the wood.Bells used in the works are not so common as a rule, if you want to emphasize the melodic sound of high purity, or the magic of the moment.For example, Rimsky-Korsakov uses bells in the opera "The Golden Cockerel" where wants to show how magical events.Hlinka introduces the bells in the opera "Ruslan and Lyudmila" in the part called "Chernomor's March" for the same purpose, to emphasize the fantastic events.
One of the most common types of bells is a triangle.It can be seen much more frequently than the usual bells.Triangle is suspended on a special thread or string and strike is made by special sticks, usually made of the same material as the triangle itself.There are those bells, which has its own tab.Then the orchestra used a bunch of five bells, they are ordered from large to small, and strung on a common string.
bells should not be confused with the bells, though so often do.Bells - a percussion tools, each of which is a hollow cylindrical tube inside.Typically kit contains 8 to 12 bells.As a rule, the bells are made of chrome-plated steel or nickel-plated brass.To remove the stroke, we need a special wooden hammer.Bell - rather massive tool, its height is about 2 meters.