Creativity aimed at intentions

Creativity as a creative activity, of course, is not a sin, provided that it does not harm others.Creative activity helps a person to realize their potential, talents, skills and ability to direct energy in a useful direction.

in the creative process to create material and spiritual values.Creative activity promotes unconventional thinking, new vision and imagination of man, the birth of creative ideas.Creativity as a productive activity helps a person to reveal the talents in a way that as a result of new ideas, objects, solutions.

However, in cases where the creative work is conceived with the aim of self-assertion over others, and the result of creativity as proof of superiority, it is not good business.Such a person is moved by vanity and pride that prevents him to realize his abilities according to God's plan.

From the standpoint of orthodox Christianity, talent - it is a gift from God to man.Create works of art, make music, compose poems with good purpose it is not a sin, if they are not distorted, negative sense.If the result of creativity brings people positive emotions, it makes us think of eternal values, motivating them to change themselves and their lives for the better, that such activity is positive.

main thing in the creative process - that's what the purpose of a person engaged in creative work, what is the meaning and implication of the result he puts into his work.There are cases when a person spends his gift to useless, negative activities.

example, a person sings well and composes music, but uses his gift for the purpose of writing songs that promote violence, praising the crime and glorifying the negative traits of people.In this case, the result of its activity adversely affects the others, encouraging them to wrongful acts of aggression and that is the worst implementation of human talent and is contrary to the plan of the Creator.

Personality creative people

Creative people are not afraid to dream, to fantasize, to think not within established boundaries and see beyond the conventional picture of the world.They know how to apply new ideas in the light of the non-standard, open, others more profound meaning of things.Therefore, the result of creativity amazes spectators admire, finds an echo in their minds.So, creative people have a gift to open to the public ordinary things and phenomena in a completely new light.

Catching creativity, people skills and open up new ways to solve problems, reveal a personality traits: independence, responsibility, creativity, and others.As a rule, artists are in pursuit of creative way of expression, its purpose.

It should be noted that it is impossible to learn the creative activity as a science, but it is important to create conditions for the development of talents and abilities.Creative people are different imagination, vision and thinking of others.That is why they are able to find inspiration in the familiar environment for things to show how complicated simple.