be convincing.Any interesting idea should be able to convey to the public.Steven Jobs is touting their products with enthusiasm and tremendous energy.He sincerely believes that the buyer needs this product, and I am convinced it offers the world the best.
be charismatic.Acquaintances describe Jobs as a complex personality: a very demanding and prone to perfectionism.Yet for all Steve - attractive man who is capable of for a long time to hold the attention of even technical information on action movies.
Create presentation.Steve Jobs of each presentation does show, creates a special atmosphere.He carefully plans each step, uses elements of dramatics and i
nfects the audience his passion and energy.The purpose of speaking - to give information about the product, capture the imagination and inspire the purchase.The task of the presentation - to attract maximum attention and cause a stir.Performances take place in the same way as the events develop in the play: there is a conflict, plot, culmination and denouement.
work on the brand.Particular attention in the activity Jobs pays high quality.He is constantly improving the product and seeks to anticipate the desires of the consumer.This target group is represented by the amazing history of the corporation.Steve does not sell a specific company's products and tools that can reveal the human capacity and improve quality of life.
ideas can change the world.Steve Jobs feels its sole purpose.He strives to create products that will bring fundamental changes in society.Jobs wants to make opening and benefit the people.
oratorical skills.In its work, Jobs does not use templates, strives for the utmost brevity and simplicity.At the beginning of the conversation, he sets the overall tone of the debate short statement.Further it is impregnated by passion, passion to the subject of the discussion.Steve Jobs in their presentations, as a rule, has three main ideas, using metaphors and certainly demonstrates the product.It attracts advertising goods of famous people, and in speech gives you the opportunity to hear the responses of ordinary consumers.The essence of the speech - to identify the problems, suggest solutions, and describe the benefits.In the end, Jobs calls go out and buy.