Some biographical facts

real name of the singer, performing under the pseudonym of Vitas - Vitaly Grachev Vladasovich.He was born on February 19, 1979 in the city of Daugavpils, which is currently in the territory of Latvia.But soon his family moved to permanent residence in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, so today he Vitas from the standpoint of a formal position in the eyes of migration services is a citizen of Ukraine.

musical education and activities Vitas very diverse.So, behind him there is a three-year training at the music school accordion, as well as work in the theater of plastic and voice parodies.After graduating from the 9th grade secondary school, Vitas moved to Moscow, where in 2000 began a solo career.The first work, which Vitas appeared in public, has become a "number opera 2", students will demonstrate the
unique characteristics of the tone of his voice.

experts attribute to the category of voice Vitas falsetto that is, consider it one of the highest male voices.Since the beginning of his solo career, the singer has released more than 10 studio albums, and continues an active concert and musical activities.In addition, he starred in several films, among which were the movies produced in China.


Parents Vitas Vitas - Vladas Abramovich and Lilia M. Grachev - after the departure of his son remained in Odessa.His mother died in 2001.In 2006, Vitas married a girl named Svetlana Grankovskaya, who was born in 1984.The wedding was celebrated in the city of the young, where the singer lived for many years - in Odessa.

Two years after this memorable event the couple had a baby.Girl, which parents named Alla, was born on November 21, 2008.At the time of her birth Vitas was 29 years old.Today it is the only child of Vitas and he pays much attention to her daughter, although in some interviews the singer pointed out that because of the intense tour schedule can not spend as much time with her as much as he would like.Five year old daughter took part in the singer's solo concert dedicated to his 35th anniversary, which was held in Moscow.Together with her, he performed the composition dedicated to the child, which is called - "My Daughter."