Dudka - reed wind instrument which anciently considered a Russian national.A traditional pipe is a cylindrical hollow tube of wood or cane.Generally, for the manufacture of the instrument use breed deciduous trees and conifers only pine.Modern masters of making musical instruments using a material such as ebony.
on the surface of pipes drilled several holes to adjust the flow of air blown in, the number of holes can be varied, depending on its length.For through-hole on its entire length is drilled pipes or burn.
To facilitate the injection of air into the cavity at one end pipes embedded mouthpiece.There is a kind of double pipes, when one is inserted into the free end of the other, the mouthpiece for this dou
ble pipes - one.Tool length can vary from twenty centimeters to half a meter.
Dudka can be made conical shape with a bell at the end or tip end.A special kind of a nozzle or sopelka such name is used in Ukraine or Belarus, is a simple tool with two or four holes.
One kind of pipes is a pipe-porshnevka, which was extended to the territory of Western Belarus.The design of it is a hollow cylindrical rod, which is built svistkovoe device.The device has a piston.Sound a pipe-porshnevke issued when the air is blowing and the piston is created by means of oscillating movement.The sound of the sound adjusts the height of the air column.The highest sound is produced when the piston is fully closed, and the thud at the maximum opening piston.Execution of a pipe-porshnevke associated with the auditory perception of the artist.
almost all countries of the world use the tune as a musical instrument, only the name of pipes in different countries is different.So, it may alpine horn, bassoon and piccolo, and Japanese or Indian flute hitiraki Shivi.
word "pipe" has a different application and significance.Dudka called whistle, which is used by the boatswain on the ship for the transmission of code signals.It is called "boatswain's pipe."And the expression "dance to the tune of others" means "to be under the influence of someone else's."
Dudka as a musical instrument is successfully used in the orchestra of folk instruments.The symphony orchestras use a variety of flutes - flute.