British rock band "Pink Floyd", named after blues musicians idol group leader, began its work in 1965.History of group and biography of its members has a lot of contradictory facts and eventful.

recognition the group received exclusively high-quality music with a predominance of the electric guitar and unique lyrics, soaked psychedelic philosophy, overturned view of the world.The musicians managed to create their own original style of performance, which to this day stands apart and can not be compared, and grouping with other artists.

group of his fans remember vivid reckless concerts with integral representations.Most of the songs "Pink

Floyd" written in the style of a progressive and psychedelic rock.Each album is different from other special aura, a different attitude in the music.

cult musical film The Wall «Pink Floyd" can be considered a completely separate group of creative masterpiece.The film captures the imagination, taking the world of suffering, internal strife and stunning musical rhythms.The film's title is translated as a wall.

After the first view is not clear sensation of incomplete understanding of meaning.As if you feel that there is much more thought.Only after the second view opens the whole idea of ​​the film reveals the real greatness of British musicians.

band released several dozen albums, videos, on sale about 300 million records.About 70 million records were sold out in the US, and the rest spread throughout the world.Among the famous band's albums can be distinguished Atom Heart Mother, The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall, The Final Cut.