«Museum all» (The Museum of Everything), founded by Englishman James Brett, is a mobile museum, which exhibited works by unknown and unrecognized artists of XIX, XX and XXI centuries.He works since 2009, his exhibition was visited by more than three hundred thousand people.Museum take the most famous exhibition spaces of the world, including the Tate Gallery (Tate Britain), Selfridges, Agnelli Museum and others.In August 2012 "The museum only" holds exhibitions in Russian cities - Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Moscow.In particular, in St. Petersburg, the museum will be run from 16 to 19 August, and in Moscow - from 23 to 26 August.

hold exhibitions in various cities of the world, The Mu
seum of Everything at the same time looking for unrecognized talents working in the field of contemporary, alternative and naïve art.Any artist, even a non-professional, has the chance to exhibit their paintings.Moreover, the mobile museum is working with people who find it difficult to bring their work to the audience - the homeless, the disabled, prisoners.To view accepted drawings, sculptures, paintings.The works can be performed in a variety of genres.The final exhibition of the museum in Russia will be "Exhibition №5», which will be shown on the original results.The exact date of its implementation will be available on the website "Museum of everything."

If you are one of the non-recognized artists, or artist, do not consider themselves part of the contemporary art world, you can submit to the "Museum of all" their work.Transmit they must personally (or through your representative), in electronic form, they are not accepted.The more you submit your work, the better, as it will allow the museum staff to better assess your work.All submitted works will be examined by a team of experts selected will include a short-list "Trade №5» in Moscow.Their authors will receive a proposal to include their works in the museum's international collection.

Once logged in the museum, there is a Russian-language version, you will find all the necessary information.Please note that The Museum of Everything does not work with professional artists and students (past or present) art schools.All the other artists "all Museum" invites to cooperation.