about famous artists

first lessons in drawing Fyodor Pavlovich was still in its childhood.A young boy he had the good fortune to participate in the march to the Arctic on board the ship "Chelyuskin".The artist made a lot of great pictures of snow-capped beauty of being in the same expedition.

FPReshetnikov participated in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945., Including in the defense and liberation of Sevastopol in Crimea.After the war, Fyodor Pavlovich drew children, often teenagers.These are worked: "Arrived on vacation", "For Peace" and "deuce again!".These paintings were awarded a bronze medal at the international art exhibition, w
hich was held in Brussels.

About the film "Again deuce"

In 1952, the artist Reshetnikov painted on his canvas the whole family: a mother and her three children, one of them - a schoolboy who had just come home.On one wall is visible tear-off calendar, and at the door - wall clock.The picture tells the story of a family home atmosphere, typical of most of the families of the 1950s.

hero of the picture - a ten-year boy.In appearance clearly that he was not in a hurry after his home from school, and for a long time yet walked on the street and skated with their peers.The boy winter coat, it is wide open, because as it is not a few buttons.They probably have come off.In his hand he holds a portfolio of badly battered and bandaged, it is possible that the student used it as a sled ball more than once.Skates peek out from under his portfolio.Evidence of long walks on the street boy - his disheveled hair, red ears, blush on the cheeks, which happens on a strong frost.

He upset, his head covered with hairs, look at the floor aspiration.Boy his whole appearance shows how he is going through because of the two, received the umpteenth time.For him, this situation is not new, he knows what to do.Trainee many times gave a promise to his mother that he would do all the homework that is set in a school.Teenager well played, that completely forgot about lessons.The days are much shorter in the winter, he kept playing in the snow with the courtyard guys, it was getting dark, and he came home.The student has no desire to go home, becausehe knew that his mother would scold again for two.

only one who is glad to see the boy - this is his white dog with red spots.He jumped at the young master and rested his front paws to his chest, tried to lick.The dog wags his tail happily, willing to play with the boy.

The room is quiet.We hear occasional heavy sighs mother.She sits at the dining table, her hands on her lap.It seems that it was just distracted from their domestic affairs, of which she has many.Seeing his son-schoolboy with an unkempt appearance, it understands that the son came from the street, where he played with the guys for a long time, forgetting the lessons.The mother does not see that her son was remorseful about the bad marks obtained recently.Due to the fact that the room are the mother and sister, he makes a sad look.The woman was tired, she seems to have no power to influence their child and make him learn more diligent in school.In looking woman reading a melancholy and sadness.

Near women is the younger brother of the student-Losers, who sits on a children's bicycle.Doshkolёnok spitefully and maliciously smiling.He is pleased that this time it is not blamed for leprosy, but someone else.