Piano - a general term.So is any musical instrument in which sound is produced by the hammer striking the string.A very complex system connects hammers with the keys to be pressed performer.

Such a tool created in 1709 Italian Music Master B. Cristofori.He tried to overcome the shortcomings of the keyboard instruments existing at the time - harpsichord and clavichord: fast decaying sound, the inability to adjust the volume on the same keyboard.

new tool that opportunity given, why it was called a piano ("loud-quiet" in Italian).Subsequently, improvements were engaged Piano German mas
ters and musicians K. Schroeter, J. Silbermann, J. Stein, J. Streicher, J. Zumpe.

But the piano - this is a general concept, a sort of "family name".This tool is available in two specific variants - a grand piano and piano.


At the piano body, which houses the mechanical part of the string and has a wing shape - it is remarkable that exactly looked very first piano made B Cristofori.Located housing horizontally.The size of the piano is quite large.
Royal is rich, full timbre.The sound of this tool is very strong, he is able to announce a large concert hall, towering over even a symphony orchestra.Especially strong is the sound of the piano, when they open the cover.The design allows you to pick it up halfway or completely.

piano has three pedals: the right to extend the sound devaya makes it quieter, and the average has the effect of the split keyboard, prolonging the sound of only the keys that are pressed at the same time a musician with the pedal.


piano housing is rectangular in shape and is positioned vertically.The size of the piano gives the piano, an instrument fits easily even in a small room.

piano sounds much weaker the sound of the piano, the instrument does not allow construction to strengthen it by opening the cover.However, no one requires it.If the piano is designed for large concert halls, the piano is used for domestic music-making, for classes in small study music schools and other educational institutions.

Central pedal, allowing "split keyboard" the piano is not, it is equipped with only two pedals - right and left.