Tip 1: Why did the Kremlin may exclude from the list of UNESCO

In 2012, the question was raised about the exclusion of the Moscow Kremlin from the list of World Heritage sites.According to the UNESCO, this is due to the reluctance of the Russian authorities to provide a detailed report on the status of an architectural monument.

In 2012, representatives of the World Heritage Committee declared that they have for the past five years, they are asked to send a report on the safety of Red Square and the Kremlin, but still have not received it.One document was provided, but it does not contain the necessary information, but because it was not adopted.Now UNESCO has warned that if in the coming months will not be sent Boden report with a detailed story about the state of the Kremlin's plans for its maintenance and renovation, etc., This architectural monument will be permanently removed from the list of World Heritage sites.

One reason for the discontent was the conduct of the representatives of UNESCO works in the Kremlin, which the authorities did not consider i
t necessary to notify the Committee.In particular, we are talking about the repair in 14th building, as well as the addition of turnstiles at the entrance, construction of pavilions and the construction of additional housing in the Kremlin and Red Square.About these changes directly related to monuments, it was necessary to inform in advance.Perhaps this has not been done due to the fact that there is a single board that would deal with all matters relating to the Kremlin as a monument of architecture.Because of this, even the Russian experts, not to mention the foreign ones, do not have the necessary information nor the state of the Kremlin, nor the plans for its content, nor about the ongoing work in it.

Employees of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation seriously worried about the fate of the Kremlin and try to do everything to prevent its exclusion from the World Heritage List.The fact that representatives of UNESCO have repeatedly used such sanctions in relation to other historical monuments.So in 2009, it was excluded from the list of Dresden, and hopes for his return illusive.Also addressed the issue of withdrawal of the status of world heritage site of Lake Baikal, Seville, Yaroslavl, St. Sophia Cathedral, the Smolny Institute, and others.

Tip 2: Why Moscow Kremlin may exclude from the list of UNESCO's Masterpieces of

Organization, UNESCO has worked to protect monuments worldwide.Currently, the World Heritage List includes 754 sites located throughout the world.One of the assets is considered to be the Moscow Kremlin, which in 2013 may be excluded from the list of masterpieces of UNESCO.
Why Moscow Kremlin may exclude from the list of UNESCO

By February 1, 2013, UNESCO requested full information on the state of the Kremlin and Red Square.You must also make information about following a plan to preserve the object and the execution of all orders.The organization claims that it is very concerned about the state of the process and the content of the monument, which is responsible for the Russian authorities.

in the management structure of the three involved the Kremlin Museums in Moscow, Kremlin Museums, and the FSO;single organizational entity responsible for the monument, no.UNESCO says that since 2007, asks for reports and development plans of the Kremlin and the surrounding area.During this time, international organizations have provided only one document (in 2011), but did not contain the answers to these questions.

At this point in the Kremlin are implementing three construction projects, none of which has been agreed upon with UNESCO.There is a global reconstruction of the 14th building, erected in the garden Taininsky technical body, and on the sides of the tower Kutafia - two pavilions.According to Natalia Samover (coordinator "Arhnadzora"), this construction violates the laws and conventions on the preservation of cultural heritage.

However, Viktor Khrekov, spokesman for the Office of the President, said that all construction work agreed with the Russian authorities.And these authorities should have to answer to an international organization.I have your say and Vladimir colored (Director of the Department of Supervision, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation).It turns out that 14-housing is not an architectural monument.Construction of pavilions at the tower without fail be checked and possibly stopped.

should be noted that UNESCO needs to coordinate all of the planned reconstruction and construction prior to their implementation.Unwillingness to follow the rules of an international organization could result in the imposition of certain sanctions on Russia.The toughest of them - the Moscow Kremlin may exclude from the list of Masterpieces of UNESCO.

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