songs of Viktor Tsoi found an echo in the soul of every Russian citizen who lived in the turbulent 1980s.Gorbachev, perestroika revolution in Europe, the fall of the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Union ... "waiting for change."However, the Victor did not live up to the peak of these changes, dying in a car accident August 15, 1990.According to the official, Choi fell asleep at the wheel and flew into the oncoming lane, collided with the bus.
The life and works of the famous rock idol filmed several documentaries.In 1991, shortly after the death of the singer, film director Alexander Rasbash released documentary "Man in Black".This film includes reflectio
ns and memories of family and friends Tsoi, rare documentary footage, footage home collection.Of course, this film is also filled with the songs of Tsoi, his music and poetry.
In 1992, screens out another documentary in memory of a rock singer.The name "The Last Hero" was borrowed from one of the most famous songs of the "Cinema".Film was directed by the eminent Russian director Alexey Uchitel.The documentary includes rare concert recordings of "Cinema", amateur footage of life musicians off stage, interviews with people who knew close Tsoi.Alexei Uchitel very intelligently recreates the atmosphere of those years, and allows fans to spend an hour with his idol.
After 14 years on the screens released another film about the life and work of Choi called "Just want you to know."Filming took place from November 2004 to February 2006.This film poses a different purpose than the previous documentary work.Documentary footage here are interspersed with computer graphics, hints.With these techniques the viewer even after so many years, I can feel the energy of the turbulent times.