main events dedicated to Tsoi, held in St. Petersburg.It was in this city at the Theological cemetery buried the leader of the group "Kino".To his grave, as well as the boiler room, where he worked, the fans have brought a variety of colors.In St. Petersburg, the concerts were also held in honor of Tsoi, though they were in several places.The songs of the "Cinema" played in parks, on squares and in clubs.

The concert hall "October" was one of the best concerts dedicated to the memory Tsoi.The music of the legendary band performed the Symphony Orchestra of the State Hermitage.The guitar playing himself Yuri Kasparian - guitarist of "Cinema".Also performing at the concert group "Victor", famous for his performance of songs Tsoi, and foreign rock musicians, among whom were the French and the Americans.Concert
s Russian and foreign musicians were also held in Moscow, in particular, in the club «Milk Moscow».

honor the memory of Viktor Tsoi and wished his fans in other cities and even countries.In particular, the concert was held in Vilnius.Several groups and amateur musicians Tsoi sang songs and talked about it.Some fans tried to imitate Victor, others offered their version of the execution of his songs, but the whole show from start to finish was dedicated to the memory Tsoi and aims to recreate its image.The best performers get a book of poems and songs by legendary rock musician.

Do not forget about the anniversary Choi and representatives of the popular search engines Google and Yandex.On Google image was taken from the wall and painted the words "Choi" and "Movies."Even the logo has been changed: the letter "o" issued in the form of the sun, and the letter «G» replaced the image of a guitar.Yandex offered users the widget, with which you can easily find and view photos of the legendary singer, read the lyrics of his songs and view videos and listen to songs.