Note the unique sounds in some folk music.First of all, people's called the tools that were developed and widely used in a particular people in a particular country.These musical instruments can be heard in the traditional music of a particular state, they give this music is unique and recognizable.
For example, everyone knows Scottish bagpipes allows to distinguish the first sounds of Scottish folk music, such as Russian, where the sound mainly spoons, balalaika, psaltery, rattles, etc.The famous Ukrainian folk instrument - bandura, Georgia - chonguri in Eastern European music, you can hear the cymbals in Southeast Asia known gong and Kazakh folk music certainly gives dombra.People considered to be an Indian instrument sitar, the Chinese - panfleytu, US - banjo, Moldovan - fluer.
Do not forget about the "ethnic" folk instruments.Ethnic community and a long historical and cultural contacts are responsible for the existence of "ethnic" folk instruments, which are an indispensable element in the composition of instrumental folk music of several countries.For example, a metal flute "whistle" was set up in England, but was popular in Ireland, and in Russia known for its analogue called "pipe".And whistle and flute can be heard mainly in the folk music of all three countries.Tools like the duduk, tar, saz, kemancha and zurna, are an integral part of the folk music of Azerbaijan and Armenia, and in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan set of folk instruments is almost identical.
Note the use of folk instruments in our time.As a rule, traditional instruments used to play today, to distinguish them from modern counterparts can be on several grounds.Firstly, much older folk music instruments.For example, guitar balalaika over a few centuries, as well as older recorder orchestral flute.Second, traditional instruments can be heard by mostly folk music.This can be interpreted in a modern way Music, weighted electric guitars, processed through electronic effects, but it will be based on folk motifs.Third, the authentic folk instruments exclusively acoustic, unlike electric guitars, etc. elektroskripok