appearance of Cubism helped two exhibitions of works by Paul Cezanne, which took place in 1904 and 1906. GGCezanne said the word "Treat nature by the cylinder, the sphere, the cone ..." became a kind of epigraph to all the creative experimentation of a new direction.
In 1907, Pablo Picasso's friend introduced unfinished painting "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon."It is considered a turning point in the history of 20th century art.While working on the painting, Picasso deliberately rejected the laws of perspective and chiaroscuro.The entire surface of the picture - and the background, and the body 5-naked women - was divided into geometrical segments.Depicted on her "girls" were like rough hewn ancient idols.
Henri Matisse seemed to work by Picasso is a caricature
of the modern movement in painting.The young artist Georges Braque angrily said: "You write the picture as if you want to force us to eat or drink kerosene tow."But it was not too much time, and Marriage demonstrated at his personal exhibition in 1908 landscapes, the creation of which was used the same method.The word "Cubism" first appeared in a review of the exhibition, written by well-known art critic Louis voxels.
In a further development of Cubism went through several stages.The first is called "Cezanne" by the name of Paul C├ęzanne Cubist idol.Its distinguishing feature is the use of gray, ocher, brown and green color.Large solid object like a disintegrated into many small ones.Such, for example, "Girl with a Fan" by Pablo Picasso.
Then came Analytic Cubism in which the image as if crushed into pieces.It seemed that the image is made up of fragments of broken glass.These numerous still lifes by Georges Braque and "Portrait of Ambroise Vollard" by Pablo Picasso, who himself Vollard considered the best of his images, of which there are quite a few there.
final development was the current synthetic cubism.It does not decompose the image, and going, synthesized from the individual parts.It is very carefully depicted the texture of the material, which consisted of the depicted object.Such, for example, Pablo Picasso's painting "Violin and Guitar".In addition, it began to appear Cubist composition oval, which were called rocaille Cubism.For example, "Musical Instruments" by Picasso.