Origin prelude

Prelude dates back to the mid-fifteenth century.It was originally a small music (usually instrumental) entry to the larger works.Experienced musicians are often prepared in advance instead preferred to improvise preludes.

Such accession enabled the artist to express themselves, to show their creativity and musicality.For several hundred years, it has become the prelude of this optional improvisational piece without a specific start and end in a small piece of music has not allowed improvisation and impromptu.These preludes in the eighteenth century opened suites and opera in France.

Johann Sebastian Bach was the first composer who brought a certain musical genre prelude independence, separation from the major genres.He created a series of small pieces of music in which the preludes and fugues united in stable couples.The f
ugue theme music was laid, the appropriate canons and in the prelude, the same theme was submitted more freely.Fugue - rigid musical form in which the musical theme is developed with the help of polyphony and polyphony.In a narrow sense, the more familiar we can say that singing is a canon fugue as one and the same theme is repeated with variations in it, echoing across fragments of a musical work, and so on.

«Well-Tempered Clavier" by Bach preludes become a real encyclopedia.This work presents all kinds of this piece of music - a solemn, mournful, fast, slow, jerky and fused.In fact, most composers of the later period in his research relied on the work of Bach.

Development genre

Rebirth of foreplay was due to the Polish composer Frederic Chopin.His foreplay romantic, unique, emotional.The cycle of twenty-four preludes can be viewed as a single, perfect work.In addition, each of the pieces can be played (and plays) separately.In fact, it made a Chopin prelude independent musical work.

In fact, the prelude is a small piece of music lasting several minutes, usually within a prelude develops and transforms a small musical theme.There is no rigid canons or regulated form of musical pieces.

In today's world have appeared prelude added value.This word to denote affection prior to sexual intercourse.