first refer to the schedule of concerts the group "Okean Elzy".Most often they appear in his native Ukraine or Russia, but sometimes touring in other countries - in February 2012, they were in Tel Aviv, as of August 11, scheduled a concert in London.
Select a day and make a speech tickets.Conveniently book them in advance, and then buy back in the theater and concert ticket offices of the city.You can also order home delivery for a fee.Clarify availability and the start date of their sale can always be on the telephone number listed on the site.
To be able to choose the best place to order tickets in the first days of sales.If the concert is held in the small hall, the most convenient and inex
pensive place to snap up first, and to the day of the event will be only the most inconvenient or expensive.
Follow conducting various raffles and quizzes on the radio, on local television or on the Internet.Before the arrival of the group are often held competitions, the winners of which will be awarded tickets or discount coupons.
If you buy a ticket in the usual way could not pay attention to the forums and groups in social networks dedicated to the arrival of the group "Okean Elzy".There are always people whose circumstances force to abandon a visit to a concert and sell tickets.Or it may be dealers - if you are satisfied with inflated price, you can buy the coveted ticket from them.
get a ticket to hand, take his photograph and show the social networks or forums.By copying the barcode with your ticket, fraudsters can go on it before you do - and you'll be at the door.