origin of the term "prima donna┬╗

Diva - a word of Italian origin, literally means "first lady."The original meaning of the word - a singer on the main female role in the opera.

first time the term is used in the letter was the Cardinal Ferdinand Gonzaga to his father the Duke of Mantua in 1610.In it, Cardinal praised the beautiful voice of singer Adriana Baroni Bazil.Shortly thereafter, the woman asked the Duke to his service.With his permission, the singer appeared at court and in various Italian cities.

With great talent, Adrian was also known for its whims that may have influenced the second meaning of the word "diva."

Diva also called selfish woman with a complex character.It is noteworthy in this context that the term refers to the world of music, because it is believed that artists have a hot temper and unbridled temper.Be
cause of these negative associations, the term gradually began to go out of use, but is still used in the world of opera.

Diva originally sang soprano voice, and the party leading lady is written by the timbre of his voice. leading opera singer has historically had more rights than any other opera singer.She had a dressing room, and she received special attention from the director and the composer.

In the world of opera, the term became popular in 18th-19th centuries.

Who is

diva opera singer is also sometimes called divas.The word "diva", as "prima donna" of Italian origin.It literally means "goddess" or "divine."This value implies that the singer is so talented that her singing voice reminiscent of the goddess.The first diva among divas of opera emerged.Over time, this concept has become more common.It began to denote any popular singer, has the talent.

first talented singers in the leading opera divas became known in the 80s of the 19th century.Known examples of opera divas - a Maria Callas, Nellie Melba, Renee Fleming, Leontyne Price and Joan Sutherland.

Since over time the term has begun to spread to other genres of music, and the divas themselves became more. Many musical performers of various genres have received the title of diva.These include Whitney Houston, Madonna, Diana Ross, Patsy Cline, Aretha Franklin.

The word "diva" there is a negative connotation.This is due to the fact that the talent of the artist is often associated with a moody character.Therefore, another meaning of the word "diva" - a wayward woman.

Such negative coloration of the word is not quite true.Being a diva is a diva and means a heavy daily work.Lifestyle opera singers too full operation, to allow time for whims and madness.In addition, many of them, on the contrary, distinguished by kindness, courtesy and generosity.