Every year the festival "Cannes Lions" competent jury selects the best commercials in twelve categories.Odds of winning are at each participant, regardless of whether he is a representative of an advertising agency or not.Since 1996, the prize of the festival was repeatedly battered Russian representatives of the advertising companies.

certain number of videos per year are published on the official website of "Cannes LionsĀ» Cannes Lions.On this portal you can find not only the winners, but also all the information about the events that took place or will take place in the next festival.The only drawback of this site - all the information on it was published in English, therefore, it may not be available for Russian users.

Especially for residents of Russia, there is a portal Cannes Lions Russia, who covers the festival in our country.On this site you can also find videos, winners of different years of the festival.In addition, it is possible to familiarize with conditions of participation in the festival in Russian.

Quite often rollers winning "Cannes Lions" are published in the world's largest video hosting sites, such as Youtube.To view you need to log on to the portal, find the search box, and then enter it in the name of the festival, the year of the meeting, and the phrase "winning commercials."Hosting will offer you options, among which you will surely find one that will interest you.

After the festival "Cannes Lions" in the media that operate on the Internet, there are reportage of the event.Quite often they are published rollers winners of the festival, for example, the site Adme.ru can find information about the "Cannes Lions 2011", which is attached to the desired footage.