West option

separate niche in the rock music took shape in the late 1960s as the evolution of rock 'n' roll and derivatives psychedelic directions.The 1970s and 1980s were the culmination of years of rock, and it was then that appeared most modern genres - hard rock, heavy metal, thrash metal, glam and others.It was then that the parent organizations around the world ganged up on rock figures like Ozzy Osbourne and Tommy Lee.The reason was their way, deliberately cultivated, which was an incredibly attractive to teenagers - parties, unbridled behavior, sexual excesses, drug use.

Drugs have become a catalyst for rock movement since the flourishing drug trade in Western countries falls on the 1970 and 1980 years.Marijuana, cocaine, synthetic drugs in the years captured the minds of mill
ions.And such creative people could not pass by such a powerful stimulant.About the mountains of cocaine parties, who spends a lot of rock bands (such as Motley Crue) is legendary.

Promiscuity also sparked public protests.Ultrapopulyarnoy Bassist Gene Simmons of KISS in his memoirs says that he had sexual intercourse with more than 3,000 women in his life.Such frankness shocked even the then Western society with its ideals of freedom and feminism.

course rockers were not the first in the unbridled life.More jazz in the early XX century, respectable parents sickened by the fact that the polls were conducted on heroin and dissolute life.Rock just gave his life on stage and magazine covers, lifted all the Absolute.

Rock musicians in Russia

In Russia, where rock music is banned for a long time, the life of a rock musician was fanned by a halo of romanticism.In recent years, Soviet rock musician was perceived as a brave fighter with the system, the poet of freedom.Not with extensive material opportunities, they were the day the ordinary life of a Soviet citizen, and in the evening the string tortured badly tuned guitars, putting the bottle of cheap port.The collapse of the Soviet Union and the opening of borders have shown that their music was often of poor quality copy western albums, and their poems about the eternal struggle were not needed because the fight was not with anything.Old people have gone underground and modern Russian rockers have a little different from the counterparts from overseas, except that a lower level of material security does not allow to buy more or less decent equipment, and the desire to tell the "truth" choke the desire to make good in terms of art music.

Today's realities

Today Rock "settled down."Slutty party if satisfied, then behind closed doors, fragments of the past, the rockers 80, became law-abiding family man, rarely giving interviews and talking, laughing about those times.It is not necessary, however, to think that the rock - it's only a party.First of all, it is difficult in the performance of music and can be known only by those who are willing to continuously improve and improve musically.This is the essence of a rock musician, what distinguishes them - a wild mix of professionalism and irresponsibility.