Museum of traveling to different countries and cities and provides an opportunity for all those who know how to draw, to express themselves.At an exhibition in St. Petersburg demonstrated canvases that have not previously exhibited their work, and self-taught artists and masters of unconventional painting.

«Museum all" is looking for the unknown Russian artists who have not received special education, including self-taught.Accepted work of all those who create in an alternative, non-traditional genres and naive, random artists, craftsmen, visionaries.

At an exhibition in St. Petersburg will feature the work of artists who have opened their skills at an advanced age, homeless artists, disabled artists, creative people held in churches, hospitals and prisons.

Museum also exhibits anonymous works, works of dead arti
sts, artists who create in the style of outsider art or Brut.Museum organizers believe that none of the artists can not be an outsider, and absolutely does not matter what social position they occupy and that it was painted.

to St. Petersburg Museum has visited Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod.In the near future he will come to Moscow and placed in the Gorky Park.

founded the "Museum of the whole" James Brett in 2009, in order to help in the promotion of outsider art.His collection includes works by unknown artists and self-taught artists before last, the past and present centuries.Trade with the expositions of the "Museum of everything" already seen about 300 thousand people from all over the world.

The museum exhibited not only paintings, but also sculptures, installations and photographs."The museum only" has an official website where you can get acquainted with all matters relating to the work of the museum, exhibitions, reception of works.In addition, the site has some interesting blogs - diaries of journeys to different countries of the museum with pictures of exposures and not only them.