«Museum of everything" - two white and red big container on wheels.In one James Brett deals with artists who bring their works.In the second - the work that pleased the organizers put on public display.In 2012, the mobile museum got to Russia and rolled in Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg.

In Moscow, the "Museum of the whole" stay at the Center for Contemporary Culture "Garage" and there will continue to look for unconventional artists.You can reach 23-26 and August 30-31, 1-2 and 6-9 September, to evaluate the work of other artists and show their "netlenki."

Do not forget your passport if you want to submit their paintings.Update information please call 8 (800) 33333151 or email ru@musevery.
ru.Final exhibition "Museum of the whole" will be held in early 2013 in the "Garage", it will be placed on the most ingenious and unusual works.James Brett said already selected more than one hundred works.

This project is not only an exhibition, but also social, because many of the works from the "Museum of the whole" created by people with disabilities.Through the exhibition of James Brett opened many contemporary talents like Alexander Lobanov.His work has got to collectors who buy them.

Most interesting paintings bring relatives artists, as they themselves do not consider their work something significant.Brett does not get tired of repeating that is looking for a completely new ideas and approaches to art, breakthroughs and discoveries.

selection process pictures in the "Museum of the whole" is diametrically opposed to the classical application for the art competition.Here the artist is able to communicate directly with members of the committee to talk about his vision of creativity, to answer questions.

Some works of James Brett buys for its museum, the other - makes a gift, and others - leases.