mischievous god Hermes

According to mythology, Hermes was the son of the main Olympic deity - Zeus and the beautiful galaxy of Maya, who was the eldest daughter of titanium Atlanta.Hermes is the god of trade, profit, agility, eloquence, and fraud.It was called "the messenger of the gods", so often portrayed Hermes clever boys winged sandals and a cap with wings.It was a kind of mediator between the gods and men, as well as conductor of souls of the dead people in the dark realm of the god Hades. main attributes of Hermes - winged sandals and a staff.Last he used to wake people up or put to sleep - in order to convey a message of any god, and this is usually done in a dream.

Hermes also portrayed a cheerful, mischievous boy, with great speed racing anywhere in the world, especially if you wan
t something passed from one to another god.It is also revered as a patron of travelers, travelers and representatives of trade.It was believed that he was grateful for the generous sacrifice is able to make a trade profitable, and people are very rich.As the god of deceit, trickery and cunning, he encourages and protects dodgy liars and even thieves.It is believed that stealing and cheating Hermes, rather, out of mischief and interest that characterizes his dual nature.

Hermes - a consummate master of oratory, charming speech of his mouth were able to convince people of anything.He also had his own wand with which closed his eyes to people, immersing them forever in eternal sleep.He then accompanied them to the underground kingdom of the dead. According to legend, the god Hermes invented measures, the alphabet, numbers and trained people.

The famous god Hermes

Hermes is known for that in their spare time, patronage and mischief he ran errands and whims of Zeus.So, on his orders, he stole a snow-white cow into which Io turned jealous Hera, the mighty Hercules sold into slavery queen Omphale, stole fifty cows near the beautiful Apollo, and still in its infancy.He also stole personal belongings and other Olympic gods.For example, the scepter of power from Zeus, the sword - Ares, golden arrows and bow - Apollo, a trident - Poseidon.In honor of the mischievous Hermes (Mercury) was named the first planet from the Sun - Mercury, which also moves briskly across the sky and never lags behind the light of more than 28 degrees.