author of the idea, a sculptor and naturschitsa

idea of ​​a Statue of Liberty emerged in 1860 from the Frenchman Edouard Rene Lefebvre de Labulaye, a scientist and lawyer.This man was a true liberal and admired in the American Constitution, considering it the best example to follow.As a token of their appreciation and friendship between the two countries Edward wanted to teach the Americans a symbolic gift - a grand sculpture.

Become an author Labulaye proposed statue sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, already famous for the creation of several monumental works.Some people believe that the basis of the statue in New York, Frederick took his earlier project, which was originally intended for Egypt.However, the sculptor, is categorically denied, and said that the Statue of Liberty comple
tely original.

Today there are a lot of assumptions about who was the prototype of Liberty.Someone thinks that the sculpture sketch copied from the mother Bartholdi - Charlotte.According to another version, was an American artist's model Isabella Boyer. Isabella was the widowed wife of the famous entrepreneur Isaac Singer.

creation and erection of the sculpture

Fundraising for the manufacture of the statue began in 1874.For the advertising campaign composer Charles Gounod wrote a special Contant "Freedom."Since 1875 he worked on a statue of a team of twenty people.Copper sheets for housing the statue of workers was shaped by hand. work in the workshop lasted seven days a week and took up to 10 hours a day.

Statue of Liberty has become a Franco-American project: the Americans erected a pedestal, and the French produced the sculpture.In France, to raise funds held lotteries and entertainment events at which visitors are encouraged to carry out a donation.In the United States for similar purposes were organized theater performances, auctions and exhibitions.

tools for manufacturing pedestal were collected in August 1885, and its construction was completed in April 1886.Statue itself was fully prepared in July 1884, and in June 1885 the French frigate "Isere" took her to New York Harbor.To transport the statue had to understand: it was divided into 350 pieces and packed in 214 of the cases.

the statue on a pedestal lasted for four months.October 28, 1886 in a solemn ceremony the opening ceremony of the Statue of Liberty.This creation still is loved not only Americans, but people from other countries.American patriots often make a tattoo with the image of the statue.