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Just unbelievable how much strength and perseverance hidden in such seemingly fragile and delicate girl.Few young people who have reached the same age can boast of so many achievements - recitals, the army of fans, and most importantly, the honor to represent Russia at the prestigious international song contest "Eurovision". As later recalled Julia, she had to combine the rehearsals in the theater, school classes and choreography.Later, she took up ballroom dancing and twice became the champion of the capital in the corresponding class.

known today many girl was born in a family of musicians.The baby, born on February 14, 1987, was probably just doomed to success - her mother was a teacher at the music school, and a family friend and a
colleague of his father was Max Fadeev - person in the world of Russian show business is quite large.

From the age of five Julia is not only engaged in choreography, but also the soloist in the performances of their creative team.However debut appearance on the scene took place even earlier - the girl was only 4 years old when she performed with the rock band "Convoy" (drummer her father worked there).

Work as the key to success

Since 1994, the family moved to Moscow Savicheva where parents continue to work in the creative sector, which could not but affect the formation of the future singer and actress.Within the walls of DK MAI, where both worked mother Julia and her father rehearsed band and started probably the first steps to future glory - there girl starred in productions of the New Year to give as adult members of the cast, the present salary.

Max Fadeev has repeatedly mobilized talented girl in the videos and recordings of other artists with whom to cooperate.So, it was Julia Savicheva - the girl who says the opening words of the famous song in the once very popular singer Linda "Do it."Also, it can be seen in the clip on the same song, as well as a hit of the time - the song "Marijuana". Despite the workload, and the school Julia reached good results - in the certificate at the singer only three fours (algebra, physics and geometry, so hateful to many creative people).

popularity came to the singer since 2003 - immediately after the participation in the TV show "Star Factory 2", where she helped all the same Max Fadeev, who by this time one of the most successful Russian producers.How many young talents helped make the first steps in show business television "Star Factory", it is now rather difficult to calculate.But we can say with confidence - Julia Savicheva became one of its most striking discoveries.

Although Julia eventually did not even make the top three, her songs began to enjoy great success.Highly commended the audience and her debut album "High."Today, the singer has already released 6 plates, and many of the songs have become hits.